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AcroCharge is a chargeback
mitigation solution

That builds the best evidence in the industry to help you beat the odds. Combining the power of AI with human expertise, it is easily deployed, user-friendly, efficient, and accurate.

of chargebacks are illegitimate.

Why AcroCharge?

Win Rates

Forget off-the-shelf offerings.
We provide a custom-built solution to maximize results just for you.


Hand over the hassle.
Focus on your business and let us take care of the rest.

Based Fee

Avoid risk.
Partner with us and pay only when your funds are recovered.

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a quick start
A customized questionnaire to enable a tailored solution
Provide access to
your payment processor
Integration with your PSP will enable direct visibility of your chargeback data
Share consumer data
Access to your consumer data is essential for effective chargeback management and to build the strongest evidence in the market.
Track the
progress of your chargebacks
Use our-friendly admin tool to keep track and gain insights on your chargebacks

Your chargeback data Revealed

Learn, analyze and spot trends with visual dashboard tracking

shadow acrocharge .com

Learn, analyze and spot trends with visual dashboard tracking

for Payment Service Providers

Empower your merchants. Give them clarity. Help them succeed.

Eliminate support teams involvement managing merchant chargeback requests.

Notify merchants of new chargebacks and offer clear status updates.

Provide drag-and-drop evidence tool for merchants ease of use.

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Win back lost revenue.

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    Start now. Win back lost revenue

    Find out why AcroCharge is the right solution for your business.

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