Chargeback Solution

The chargeback mitigation system 

with success based fees.

Acrocharge is the most efficient, accurate and easy-to-use chargeback

mitigation solution that returns lost funds to eCommerce merchants through

our AI powered semi-automated system.


We take care of the hassle by providing a full chargeback mitigation solution.

We create a tailored solution for your company that pulls data from multiple sources

in order to build the strongest evidence in the industry.



Chargebacks are painful.

We won’t let you leave revenue on the table.

Using our 15 years of experience in the eCommerce industry, we ensure our solution is scalable to grow with you, but also understand how for smaller merchants every dollar counts.

For that reason, we supplement our leading technological solution with unparalleled customer support from real people who understand the complexities and frustrations of dealing with chargebacks.

AcroCharge‘s core values

Semi Automatic AI

We believe that an automated system needs to constantly progress and improve, which is why we have combined our sophisticated AI system with a strong team of experts devoted to find new solutions for fighting chargebacks.

AcroCharge‘s core values


High Standard Customer Support

We are fully aware of the importance of being able to get your questions answered on demand. This is why we hold a highly trained support team, devoted to give you assistance as soon as you need it.

Intuitive User Dashboard

We have invested extensive resources in creating the most user-friendly and transparent dashboard, so that you can easily follow the statuses of all your chargebacks.

Guaranteed ROI 

We get paid only if we saved you money, 

so you will earn with no risk involved.

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