AcroCharge launches on BigCommerce!

AcroCharge launches on BigCommerce

Calling all Big Commerce merchants! The AcroCharge app is now LIVE. 

AcroCharge helps you refocus on your core business by taking the complex process of fighting chargebacks off your hands. It tailors its solution to fit your specific needs to maximize the success rate in fighting chargebacks.

Calling all Big Commerce merchants! The AcroCharge app is now LIVE

“AcroCharge’s launch on the BigCommerce marketplace demonstrates our commitment to fighting chargebacks on behalf of eCommerce merchants, so they can focus on the things that matter most: their product, clients and growing their business,” says Ofir Tahor, CEO of AcroCharge. “Working with BigCommerce is an exciting milestone for AcroCharge as we rapidly expand our offering to meet the strong demand for our services from retail merchants.”

Ofir was previously co-founder and CEO of Shopial, a social commerce startup that was acquired by the eCommerce platform Magento. 

AcroCharge’s success-based fee means that merchants take on zero financial risk using the AcroCharge app, which can only help merchants’ bottom line. Even better, it’s totally hands-off, eliminating the time and resources that internal teams spend handling disputes, while winning up to 90 percent of cases. 

Check out our app on the BigCommerce marketplace.

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