Senior Chargeback Analyst

About The Position

AcroCharge is the world leader in fighting illegitimate chargebacks on behalf of merchants. Our chargeback mitigation solution uses smart technology to create a hands-off experience for merchants, while providing the highest overall success rates in the industry.

As a Senior Chargeback Analyst, you will use your expertise in the world of chargebacks to research, analyze, and improve our tailored chargeback solutions.

What you’ll be doing:

-You will research live customers’ chargeback solutions, and look at ways to improve the quality and efficiency of the solution.

-You will adapt findings to improve chargeback solutions across different merchants and different industries 

- You will connect the learnings from different industries and create the feedback loop for current and future customers.  

-You will research and stay up to date with card schemes’ (Visa/Mastercard/etc.…), PSPs’, and Acquiring banks’ chargeback rules, and implement the changes needed in our solution.

-You will conduct a full analysis on specific industries that we have worked in, and provide high level findings about the industry’s chargebacks. 


At least 3 years of experience in the chargebacks/payments field.

Excellent level of English- reading and writing

Excellent data collection and research skills

Microsoft Excel- high level

Well organized & detail oriented

Ability to think outside of the box

Stacks of motivation, independence and a thirst for learning

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