AcroCharge: what, why, and how

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is a payment reversal following a credit or debit cardholder’s filing of a payment dispute.

How are chargebacks fought?

Once a chargeback is filed, both the merchant and the issuing bank participate in a process presenting their competing claims. The process is governed by specific rules and can take as long as 120 days to resolve.
For a more detailed walk-through of the workings of chargebacks, check out our blog post – How Does a Chargeback Work.

How long does it take to finalize a chargeback case?

The chargeback lifecycle can take up to 120 days, depending on the reason code under which it was filed.

What is the difference between legitimate and illegitimate chargebacks?

Chargebacks are legitimate when –

  • The cardholder has been the victim of identity theft, and their payment details have been used to order goods or services not intended for their use. 
  • The cardholder was erroneously or fraudulently charged by the merchant, such as double billing or failing to ship goods within an agreed-upon timeframe.


Chargebacks are illegitimate when – 

  • The complaint is friendly fraud, meaning a customer doesn’t recognize a charge on their statement for various reasons and demands a chargeback, not realizing that they or a family member ordered and received the goods.
  • The complaint is chargeback fraud, meaning a customer intentionally denies ordering or receiving goods to benefit from the goods without paying for them. 
What are the challenges merchants face when dealing with chargebacks?

Chargebacks are complicated, time-consuming, and costly. The card schemes (Visa, Mastercard, and others) regularly change their complex rules, requiring chargeback analysts to keep up with changing regulations continuously. 

Merchants that manage chargebacks in-house must direct focus and resources away from their core business to handle them.

How is AcroCharge different from anti-fraud solutions?

Most fraud solution companies focus on the prevention of fraudulent transactions that trigger illegitimate chargebacks – they do so by reviewing transactions before they are approved and detecting signals for probable fraudulence.
AcroCharge’s solution addresses all chargebacks after transactions have been completed. We do so by building the evidence against illegitimate chargebacks to recover the lost funds.  

In addition, the anti-fraud solutions that provide a “chargeback guarantee” only cover the financial loss of chargebacks labeled with a fraud reason code. They do not cover service-related chargebacks, such as Merchandise/Services Not Received. AcroCharge handles all chargeback reason codes.

What are the benefits of using AcroCharge?
  1. High success rates

The proof is in the pudding: AcroCharge has exceptionally high success rates that are unmatched in the industry: 


83%+ of chargebacks fought

95% of chargebacks in arbitration

This isn’t magic. It’s science. How is that possible? 


  1. We use a tailored solution for each merchant – no generic templates. 
  2. We combine machine-powered AI with human-powered know-how. 


  1. Hands-off solution 

AcroCharge is a hands-off solution – we handle everything related to chargebacks, leaving you to focus entirely on your business.


  1. A win-win pricing model

You pay only when we’re able to recover your lost revenues – for which you’ll pay 35% as a fee to AcroCharge. That’s it.  


  1. A user-friendly dashboard for progress, data, and analysis 

An easy intuitive dashboard, accessible from every device, will help you keep track of the status of your chargebacks and glean insights to inform your actions. 


  1. 24/7 support 

Our expert support team is available whenever you need, at all times, for all issues. 


  1. Mastery in all-things-chargebacks

The AcroCharge team has profound expertise and years of experience in the chargeback mitigation industry. When you partner with AcroCharge, you get access to top-tier experts who will offer you tips and information to reduce risk as an online merchant. 

Can I use AcroCharge with no API?

A completely hands-off chargeback mitigation service is available via integration with the AcroCharge API.
However, if you would like to use AcroCharge without any integration, you can start now by simply using our manual uploading tool.

How to set up the AcroCharge solution?

Integrating with AcroCharge is easy. Let’s walk through the steps:


  1. Fill out a customized online questionnaire. 
  2. Get access to your AcroCharge admin tool, where you can connect us to your PSP 
  3. Our research team will pinpoint the data we need from you to effectively fight your chargebacks. This process takes 3-5 business days from setting up your PSP. 
  4. Data required is passed on to AcroCharge – automatically using our simple API or manually using our uploading tool
  5. AcroCharge starts taking care of your chargebacks. 
How to track my chargebacks’ status?

Use the AcroCharge admin tool to view progress, insights, success ratios, and status of each and every chargeback process in the works.  

How much does AcroCharge cost?

We charge 35% of the recovered revenue. 

No upfront integration fee. 

No subscription fees.

We only charge you for won chargebacks.

Does AcroCharge fight all types of chargebacks?

AcroCharge services only illegitimate chargebacks. 

We recommend merchants work with an anti-fraud solution to prevent cases of true fraud. 

Why is chargeback insurance not enough?

Chargeback insurance typically covers chargebacks labeled with a fraud reason code. It does not cover service-related chargebacks, such as chargebacks labeled “Merchandise/Services Not Received”. AcroCharge handles all chargeback reason codes.

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